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Doing work with creative agencies and designers to build products is something we love doing, some of the clients we have worked with are a result of this relationship. Stack Studio works primarily to develop applications and websites.

We use frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Laravel to build complex applications online. We also work with Wordpress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Craft CMS, Craft Commerce and Squarespace, we know the importance of these platforms when trying to build a business quickly.


Planning the build of a project can be as important as building. Finding the right platform that works for your needs will always be important so scalability is at the core.


Once the route has been chosen through careful planning we are then ready to start the build. At this stage we can bring in any results from User Testing too.


This will entail updates, the next generation of design tweaks or features that we can develop upon and includes bug fixing and user testing.